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Your female body is truly an incredible system to live in. You deserve to know all about it and feel your inner pleasure and power!

Your female hormones, reproductive system, and breasts, are key to your overall health, creativity, productivity, and longevity. So don't wait until something goes wrong and you get a scary health diagnosis - feeling tired, burnt out, and sick, is in no way fun or sexy.

Learn about your body and empower yourself through the foundational 12 Rituals from Venus Yoga. Harness and integrate the often unknown or misunderstood gifts of your female body. I'll show you how quick, easy, and feel good, self care can be.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the 12 Rituals and join now while the enrolment SALE is on.

Take a sneak peak of the 12 Rituals



Reviews & Results

Listen to what other women say about the 12 "Bliss" Rituals .


From "loathing to loving her body".

Jenni shares how the 12 Rituals have positively transformed her body, her life, and even her marriage.


The 12 Rituals show you how to nourish your female body, re-claim your feminine desires, and find strength in sisterhood.

The 12 Rituals

Each Ritual comes with an explanation video, ritual video, and audio MP3. All of the Rituals are under 15 minutes. Forget about workout gear or a yoga mat, you can do most of the Rituals in your PJ's, and even some in the shower.



  • RITUAL 1Tender Touch / Shake and Release - for self soothing and detoxification
  • RITUAL 2Breast Massage - for relaxation and self love 
  • RITUAL 3Nipple Massage - for hormonal balancing and invigoration
  • RITUAL 4Replenish Your Love Meditation - for renewal and inner peace



  • RITUALl 5 > Breast Caress for detoxification and breast health
  • RITUAL 6 > Body Brushing (lower body) for smooth skin and invigoration
  • RITUAL 7 > Body Brushing (upper body) for smooth skin and invigoration



(Y= Yoni. The sacred yoga name for the female reproductive organs)

  • RITUAL 8 > Yoni Heart Meditation for blissful connection
  • RITUAL 9 > Circular Breathing for energy and focus
  • RITUALl 10 > Ovarian Breathing to begin your orgasmic awakening



  • RITUAL 11 > Womb and Belly Massage for abdominal health
  • RITUAL 12 > Moon Massage to ease menstrual pain and promote reproductive health through all phases of womanhood including menopause and beyond.
  • BONUS VIDEOS include interviews with female health professionals, interviews with women in our sisterhood, and sneak peak videos from my other online ritual collections like the Jade Egg Rituals for pelvic floor healing and orgasmic bliss. 

First time to join an online community?

If you are new to online learning or not tech savvy, my team and I, have got you covered. We will schedule a one-to-one call, and I'll show you how easy it is to log into the membership site, how to download the videos and audios (for when you don't have wifi access), and how to get the most out of the secret sisterhood community we have on Facebook.

Meet Shivani - Your Guide

In today's busy and complex world, I'm here to share a message of slowing down and tuning in through simple yet potent self care rituals that specifically nourish the female body and our deepest longings of connection, pleasure and joy as women. We need more than just 'downward dog' and 'tree pose'. We need practices that nourish our inner most being - the organs that sustain our life. With over 20 years’ experience as a meditation and yoga teacher, massage therapist and health consultant, I’ve helped thousands of women, just like you, who are yearning for more self connection, pleasure, fulfillment and bliss. I've personally overcome a variety of health problems (severe menstrual pain, back pain, asthma, allergies, negative body image) and gone through two divorces to get to my current rewarding and passion filled life as a woman, mother and lover. I'm here to show you how to create daily bliss in your life too.

I know how to rise out of life dissatisfaction and illness. I've helped countless women do the same and I will help you too. Through our weekly online video meetings, you will discover that YOU HAVE THE POWER to create your health, ideal body, ideal state of being, and ideal partnership!

The Inside Story

I bare all in this Ritual collection - I'll show you the exact process I've used over the last decade to end negative body image, heal menstrual pain, end chronic fatigue, get rid of cellulite, strengthen her pelvic floor after child birth, increase libido, and make sex more pleasurable.    


Shivani is founder of Blissiplined and Co-Founder of The Sunrise Yoga & Meditation Academy (SYAMA) in Australia. She trained as a massage therapist and Yoga instructor in Japan, China and India. She has expertise in pain therapy and female reproductive and sexual healing. She is a single mother to a 6 year old son and lives in Sydney. Over the last 18 years, Shivani has taught meditation, massage and yoga at some of the most well regarded companies in Australia, Bali and Japan (where she lived and trained for 11+ years). Awaken Your Female Essence is Shivani's third online training course. Her first two courses, BODY BLISS and SACRED BLISS - Yoga with the Jade Egg gemstone, have been hugely popular and this new ritual collection offers you the best of what she knows to work for herself and thousands of women around the world.


The 12 RITUALS will not only make you feel and look amazing, but give you more confidence, energy, and pleasure in your life.

"Shivani, with her love, care, sharp intuition and clever guidance, pulls women out of chaos and helps put them back in control and alignment with their energy, femininity and life. The abundance of Shivani’s support and zealous passion in helping to create fulfilled, balanced and happier lives for the women in her tribe is second to none. If you are unhappy with the way you look, if you feel down and lifeless, if you know there is more to life than feeling tired and trapped in a busy schedule, get “Awaken Your Female Essence” . Give yourself a chance to discover the true beauty and brilliance of your female body and feminine heart. "

Ofra Ronen
CEO of Di Bartoli Coffee and mother

"I've been able to reclaim my confience, energy and mojo thanks to Shivani's Bliss Rituals and guidance. You will get so much out of this Ritual Collection and sisterhood community. Go on, enrol now, and get a Jade Egg for yourself too ! - Teacher and grandmother"

Teacher and Grandmother


  • You make 12 monthly payments of $25 (upfront payment is also available)
  • After that everything is FREE!
  • You get continued access to the membership site, Shivani's online community and group coaching calls FOREVER !
  • Payment is made in Australian dollars (AUD $)

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Live Coaching Calls every week

Join us live or tune in to the replays via our secret Facebook group

Women from all over the world

We have women from Australia, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, and the U.S.A in our community. From 20 years to 68 years - single women, married women, mothers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, singers, writers and more. We are a beautifully diverse gathering! As you'll soon discover, no matter the country, culture, status, situation etc, when women gather we connect through our life phases, desires, emotions, longings, dreams and life lessons. Women heal and grow much more powerfully in supportive sisterhood. We would love to welcome you to ours.

Examples of questions women ask

Once a week we have a live coaching call. You can ask me and the other women anything - from specific questions about the Rituals, to women's health, work, and relationship issues. It's also a time we share our weekly gratitudes and wins.

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Enhance your self care rituals with the JADE EGG gemstone

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Absolute pleasure to meet you at the Festival. I will be emailing you this week with some follow-up videos so you can continue to explore the Rituals. Take a look below to learn more about the online version of VENUS YOGA and find me on Facebook so I can add you to my secret women's group and we can continue our connection. 

More soon. xox Shivani

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