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Hi gorgeous, let me answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before you join



1. I'm busy - is this Bliss Ritual collection for me?

Yes! I'm going to show you how you can turn your busy into bliss and prioritize your self care in a simple, fun and pleasurable way.

When you can't do the recommended 15 minutes of practice (a few times a week), there are rituals you can do in the shower, while you're waiting for a friend, while you're waiting in a shopping line, even while you're cooking dinner !

2. Do I do the rituals at my own pace?

Yes you can self pace or join along with me and other women, when, once every season, I'll invite you to join a "Group Journey". Together with myself and other members, we'll do 1 Rituals a week, and share our experiences in the secret Facebook group. The Group Journey is totally optional but it's a fun way to develop "blissipline" and feel extra connected to yourself and the sisterhood. I find women get better results when they do the Group Journey. So when I offer it, commit, and let's do it together. 

3. I feel a bit hesitant and nervous about joining. Does that mean I shouldn't enrol?

Prioritizing our self care is, unfortunately, not something society has conditioned us to do. Generally it's not until we get sick or have a traumatic life event, that we realize the value of TLC. If you're in a relationship and or mother, like myself, we also have the tendency to care and spend money on our partner and children. We don't think twice about investing in our kid's growth and development, but when it comes to ourselves, we pause and don't feel worthy.

So if you feel hesitant about joining, that's probably an indication that the Rituals will completely change how you treat yourself and how you live your life - you'll have the opportunity to experience the true benefits of putting yourself first in order to be a better partner, mother and friend.

And it's natural to feel a bit nervous about joining something new. But I guarantee you that those nerves will disappear once you enter our secret and safe facebook group. You'll meet like-minded women from all over the world who share similar struggles, desires, and dreams as you. Together we will release any negative conditioning that often makes us feel that we are not worthy and not supported.

And if you want, I'll pair you up with a 'Bliss Sister' so you can keep each other motivated and excited. For as little as $25 a month, you can join this life changing community and experience so much ease, grace, pleasure, and creativity from within.


4. Do I get access to all the Rituals as soon as I join ?

I've curated The 12 Rituals in a specific way so you get the best results and build up slowly to the more subtle yet most powerful practises like the "Yoni Heart Meditation" and the "Womb & Belly Massage". So, as soon as you register, you get access to the first 10 Rituals. On April 1st, 2018, access to the last 2 Rituals and bonus Rituals (including the Jade Egg core Ritual) opens. 

Once you've gone through each Ritual once, then you can dabble here and there and do a Ritual that syncs with your monthly cycle, mood, and life situations.

I recommend you join us on a "Group Journey" at least 4 times as year (once every season) and join my once a week live coaching calls in the secret Facebook group. The "Sisterhood Effect" it creates, triples one's focus, accountability and sense of community and inspiration.

5. Do I need to purchase the "Breast Caress" oil ?

No. You can use any organic oil you know suits your skin. Organic coconut oil is loved by many women, but it's a very cooling oil, so not appropriate if  you have any circulatory or lymph issues.

I highly recommend my "Breast Caress" oil. It was formulated by the CEO of Secret Scent, Sharen Turner, who has 25+ years experience as an aromatherapist and has crafted a blend that optimises lymphatic drainage.

This oil is not suitable if you are PREGNANT so please contact me and I'll send you Sharen's recommended alternatives.

The Breast Caress Oil has a are a range of health and healing benefits, including stronger immunity, a decrease in toxins and inflammation, and waves of relaxing pleasure. You could make it yourself if you know the exact ratio and synergy of the ingredients, but aromatherapy is a science and it's better to leave it to the experts like Sharen. 

Please contact me if you would like to order a bottle of BREAST CARESS Oil for yourself.

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